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The Cellar

A curatorial Eye for detail,

drawing together the most unexpected materials, patterns and colours to create a pallet worthy of a magazine spread. But for the unintimidated, the experience of being within this interior graced by our creative vision is completely engaging.


Exploring here one of the most decadent, yet utilitarian of spaces a home can include, a cellar treated with theatrical brush. This has been a collaborative experience many years in the making the residential Celler can be found in Melbourne, it’s humble home one which has been designed to grow and adapt with the family who lives in there.

While storing up to 500 bottles of the family’s finest wines this space also houses a luxuries area to soak up the atmosphere of being surrounded by such a collection, a small footprint to work with something of immediate consideration knowing full well that this room would not be thought early in the homes life.


Subtle measures were used to divide spaces within the cellar  by designing marble rugs to zone the room. This created a balance between a historical nod to the past with contemporary applications of materials. Striking ribbons of contrasting marble were laid by experts stonemasons under the curatorial  eye of our studio . The result is both timeless and unique in a world of cookie cutter interiors that overwhelmingly are becoming the norm.


A custom unit was designed to hold the collection of wine vertically displaying the wine in elegant and space-savvy way.  The materials use warmth and sophistication with dark tones punctured by the glass and ambient light. There is room for the wine to be enjoyed by family and friends too, with emerald velvet cosily wrapping the various  Featherstone chairs both complement the marble in colour well also demanding attention in the way only a classic design icon can.

The Celler truly is the height of luxury to have a space like this to retreat to in one’s home.


Figs & Feta Magazine  

Concept Design
Design Development
Finishes & Materials
Furniture & Lighting Specification
Design Management
Photography by Felix Forest

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