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With a clear vision for art in design, Joanne Motee has been creating designs for inspiring living and brand success for over 20 years. Founded in 2000 with a specialisation in A-list residential design, Joanne Motee has evolved to include commercial interior, identity design and a growing lifestyle brand practice with curated collections of wall coverings, textiles, homewares and, soon, artisanal furniture and boutique hotel design.


Joanne Motee the practices principal designer boasts a trusted complement of collaborators and contractors, including the most influential in Melbourne's design, fashion and food industries, and extending to Las Vegas for Rollie Nation and UK for Lodge Properties.


Together, they help ensure project outcomes encapsulate Joanne Motee’s fearless, soulful style of blending historical reference points with contemporary influences the harmony of masculine and feminine, the play of light and shade, the balance of colour and monotone, the meeting of classic and contemporary.


Joanne Motee pushes boundaries through the use of unconventional finishes and surfaces, clever use of textures and truly individual spatial designs. Yet, while Joanne Motee’s signature approach is distinctive, every project encapsulates a creative expression of each client’s unique personality, always exceeding expectations.


Through the thoughtful curation of spaces, Joanne Motee transcends

simple visual design, to create cohesive and immersive experiences rich

with textural, olfactory and aural stimuli. We design an emotion, we design a personality, a platform for one to be inspired, a home away from home. The DNA of the institution. Every touch point cleverly curated. It’s a life dedicated to inspired living. It is Joanne Motee.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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