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The Sophisticate

A refreshing tonic to cure what awaits us as soon as we leave our homes and face the busyness of the ‘every day.  This master bedroom is a pure antidote to the outside world.


Where the client can retreat, be themselves and unwind in an ambience which has been truly designed in every sense for them and no one else.

To move the focus away from the commonly architectural and heavily designed areas of the

home, such as the living spaces and shift attention to the bedroom is the height of luxury. Or is it indeed, not luxury, but the required self-care space in an increasingly overwhelming and fast-paced world?

Designed with intention to  purposefully create a tone which is both seductive and calming, refined and minimal- but never (ever) dull. The wall to wall upholstered bedhead acts as an anchor, solidifying the elements of necessity, such as the bed itself, through to the objects which spark curiosity like the cleverly off-centred artworks and sculptural bedside tables. 


A space where you want to retreat to and where, upon waking, the clients are inspired with a feast for the eyes and senses. The solid walnut bed frame constructed masterfully by the talented Christopher Blank, is an exercise in restraint in its elegance and parred-back nature. It lets the

surrounding moments of design and art take centre-stage but offers a sturdy



In typical Joanne Motee fashion no stone has

been left unturned in the pursuit of perfection, but a

variety of perfection that considers liveability, functionality and personality.

Can our home do more for us? And, importantly, it

offers insight into the psychology of well designed

spaces. A thoughtfully designed home means so much more than bricks and mortar, it can genuinely

impact our happiness and the way we live. This is the real meaning of luxury.  

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