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World Interiors Awards
Spa, Health and Gyms 2021


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Best Interior Leisure and Wellness 


Aesthetik Skin & Laser Clinic

A Ceremony of Spaces

Aesthetik Skin & Laser clinic reflects the pinnacle of the aestheticians' craft, exuding ceremony and



The design offers a nurturing and nourishing experience, celebrating the imperfections of

different forms and reinforcing the brand's focus on services and the personal perception of individual beauty. The design successfully creates a refuge, sanctuary and place to celebrate oneself. Every detail was considered by the practice to ensure the design is an essential part of the larger Aesthetik narrative of purity and simplicity.

Purposefully untouched, the heritage building is enhanced only by colour. Decorative Victorian

details appeal to timeless beauty. Solid walls masked with a bespoke finish and organically brushed with Ombre treatment suggest the celebration of many skin tonalities while offering a sense of age in its colour fade.

The interior spaces reimagined to accommodate the services and exude a calming ambience. The design played a significant role in merging the practicalities of the small spaces. The centre hub product-compounding station in the entry is the ceremonial element encapsulated by the waiting area and four separate treatment rooms.

The repetitious, fluid geometry of archways and curves sets the tone while the unexpected modernity of cane-clad arches clutch exposed faucets suspended from the ceiling. The subtle

palette interplays with light as it filters through the cane to soothe and ready the client's mood for the treatment ahead. A blanketing comfort of layered lighting offers quiet solace.

The exotic blend of materials plays with imperfect textures like human physiology. The design offers comfort in textures -a clever alternative to the austerity of many clinics that divest themselves of texture. Copper basins honour the natural ageing process, and timber troughs are tastefully repurposed with custom metal infill to suit the vanity.

There is a sense of ceremony as staff work between spaces, drawing water from the ceiling mounted

faucets as did traditional aestheticians, embracing their dexterity while clients watch the preparation of their personalised treatments. Concealing the untouched heritage windows, sheer linen fabric lines the main hall, the subtle sway adds a meditative effect of movement and energy as clients enter the treatment rooms. Product displays beautifully blend into the centre hub, purposefully eliminating commercial label overwhelm, allowing the bespoke treatment to be prepared sanctioning every element to serve its purpose.

The brand Identity was developed in-house by the multidisciplinary team at Joanne Motee

according to the values and vision of the customer experience, creating a fully integrated visual

experience. With its organic form of timber basins, the powder room features an oversized

photograph of natural beauty, allowing the brand imagery to tell its own story.

Joanne Motee

Rendered services

Concept Design

Design and Documentation

Materials and Finishes

Lighting design

Furniture and Fittings



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