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Apartment 132

Set in Melbourne’s premier Essendon cosmopolitan hub, apartment 132 is a 1970s gem that has re-embraced modernity with restraint.


Designed for a young professional couple to have a home where they can enjoy de-cluttered living with a determination to accentuate the inherit charm and original features.


The apartment has been transformed  from the once cluttered space into a new light field expands to the use of simple yet sophisticated details. With all the spacial blockages removed, quiet colour tones of fresh mints and crisp greys and light but warming timber floors the inner openness is accentuated while still creating a nurturing Oasis removed from the bustling shopping precinct just outside.  


Circular shape and natural timbers on bespoke doorhandles and unique I’ll playfully acknowledging the 70s heritage. New also meets old in the bathroom with black Marquina marble and Carrara stone surfaces are designed in geometric patterns the marble elevating quality and the black adding sophistication. 


Quirky reminder of the homes Design history is evident in the kitchen, with the original mint colour reinvented in a contemporary lighter tone.  While Lighting cleverly highlighted the kitchen corners matching to the original creates a visual flow around the room rather than a single focus on the custom joinery or splash back.

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