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Australian Interior Design awards

The Lost in Seasons design creates a crisp, artistic and clever design that works within the constraints of a limited retail space. The design needed to enhance an already distinctive fashion range made up of signature colours and textures, and complement an award-winning brand identity created by Melbourne designer Dylan McDonough. Lost in Seasons boasts a collection that’s ready for any time of year, responding to Melbourne’s changeable climate. The design for this boutique needed to transform a small, standard market stall into a space that offered a new way for customers to interact with the products they desire.

Hanging from ceiling-suspended urban-black custom hangers enhance a sense of lightness, outfits shine like sculptures above sophisticated white platforms showcasing shoes. Swaying slowly if a breeze flutters by, they promote life, energy and attract the eye of customers from young aesthetes to traditional sophisticates.


Considered spacing allows for fluid in store flow while the white platforms create a neutral canvas from which colourfully patterned Rollie Nation shoes to shine. Purposely square-shaped, the platforms are designed to avoid conflicting with the distinctively rounded shoe. Maximising the small space, stunning natural timber

cupboards span floor to ceiling, left to right creating height while providing functional storage for over 1,200 pairs of shoes. Vertical routed detailing adds to the drama while the fine scale creates a balance of elegance. Working within

concrete limitations, this design has drama and sophistication.

Showing true innovation in the complexities of working with small spaces and limited budget, large white-on-white neon symbols emphasise freshness, simplicity and neutrality. Mounted on opposing walls, they create a flood of light and a sensation of endless space to be wandered within. Inspired by a story of actually walking lost amongst seasons, the design practice employs the playful use of raincoats, sandals and making of art with the symbols that is witty and inviting, yet commercially astute.

Joanne Motee

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