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World Interiors Award 


Mister Hoffman

Mister Hoffman cafe design is sympathetic to the original shopfront building, while creating a contemporary platform for the seasonal menu to shine. Executed with restraint, Mister Hoffman conjures a sophisticated ambiance that resonates with a discerning clientele seeking a relaxed cafe destination.

 Mister Hoffman is interior design that is true to the practice’s philosophy of Inspired Living. Through thoughtful curation of space, pieces and colour, executed in a cohesive manner, a small space has been transformed to maximise its commercial capacity without compromising its creative

credentials: it is both a space with many seats and one where clientele will relish being seated. It is also a solution that is clearly differentiated from today’s many cafes that either embrace austerity by divesting themselves of colour and texture, or seek instant authenticity with industrial chic furniture and hipster livery. Instead, Mister Hoffmans demonstrates that traditional fabrics, colours and textures can be reinvented in a meaningfully modern way. Real attention to detail flows throughout the space. From the entry floor detailing to the thoroughfare leading to the cafe’s conveniences. From specially sourced tableware

and cake cloche to custom commissioned teacups matching the equally bespoke wallpaper.

 Mister Hoffman employs a suite of innovative design techniques outside and in. By painting the front of backlit signage, we provide a modern expression of vintage neon signs. Equally, the traditional herringbone pattern Oregon counter is elongated for a modern design effect.  Wallpaper cascading from the ceiling to a focal wall injects height and drama while exuding warmth and

softening to the building’s architecture. Its considered positioning also cleverly defines the space for a communal table without adding walls. And with brass sinks cast in traditional basket weave, even in its utility zones, Mister Hoffman delights with modern design innovation.

 Mister Hoffman is a beautifully harmonious space boasting freshness, substance and detail. It is the physical complement to the cafe’s culinary promise to provide ‘modern Australian fare with a generous dollop of old-world charm.’ As a foundation, a refined pallete of masculine British Racing Green and feminine Vintage Blush Pink provide a contemporary interpretation of classic colours that resonate with all clientele. Similarly, Michelangelo marble evokes timeless quality, yet executed as super-thin-profile porcelain slabs, is highly modern in its application. Custom-designed, pastel-toned wallpaper has also been commissioned to purposefully harmonise colours, fabrics and textures. Its unique ceiling installation and fluid cascade down an adjoining wall provides a dramatic visual focus too.

 Equally, custom and eclectic furniture has been smartly curated to simultaneously create a single unified space but multiple inviting zones. However, to ensure a consistent design experience and anchor the elegant colour scheme, brass accents appear across furniture, lighting and sinks while untreated Oregon timber injects natural earthy tones. Meanwhile, oversize decorative windows

transform a once-dark space into an enlightening environment. Sympathetic to the building’s age and spanning one full wall, they provide an uplifting conservatory ambiance while, through the use of cultivated hanging plants, beckoning in natural elements.

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