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Saint Drumand 

The Last supper-  A home to be appreciated for years to come. 


An interior design project where the success hinged on so much more than aesthetics, it relied on a deep understanding of the client. It meant peeling back the layers and discovering what’s at the core of their desires. What do they want from their home? What drives them? What are their passions or even cultural considerations? In the instance of the St. Drummond project, the client’s faith (along with a love of luxury!) was the unexpected driving force behind many design decisions, making it a home which was a true reflection of the people who live within its beautiful walls.


With faith being central to the family, it felt important to somehow reference this within the interior design. The most literal translation of this can be found in religious iconography throughout most spaces. Intricately framed saints and other religious curiosities are placed where they can be most admired, but none more meaningful than the mosaic of the biblical scene “The Last Supper” on the home’s entry wall. The client’s family heirloom tapestry of the image was professionally photographed and artfully printed onto glass tiles in Italy. The result is meaningful in more ways than one. Reflecting their deep faith and also their love of giving, family, entertaining and hosting meals. 

The client brief was simple and clear. "I want it to feel like a home, a luxurious hotel with a strong sense of us as a family'. Drawing from a range of inspirations I set out to create a boutique hotel space with subtle, and some not so subtle nods to their beliefs and family values. This had to be balanced with the practicalities of everyday living and the added complexities of making a new build feel homely and character-filled.


The sheer scale and openness of the home could have felt cavernous, which was not what I wanted for my gorgeous clients. As the slab was poured I created a floor plan that allowed for several spaces within the one. Not only to break up the enormity of the space but also create moments for family time, moments for  entertaining and places for quiet contemplation. The flow through each area required consideration and each space hints and teases as to what’s next. I could see my clients utilising and enjoying each area separately and as a whole.


Being with the family on this journey from the very first

moment to the last final touches has been a blessing. It

meant every decision I have been part of, which is very

special. The small accent pieces which grace the custom

bronze shelves on the fireplace through to the master

bedroom linen. Everything has my input which has been a pleasure to see unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Our clients are at the heart of this project. They had never been involved in this level of design before, never undertaken a building project and never entertained the thought of such luxury for themselves. We drew heavily from past luxury travel experiences to create a layered interior with a sophisticated edge. The palette I devised was somewhat subdued but at the same time rich in

textural variation. Bronze mirrored columns prompt

light and pattern play, while grasscloth clad doors are

a surprising but warm element.


The textural moments are highlighted by clever lighting throughout to enhance mood. The lighting creates the setting for lavish entertainment with chandeliers, gold

plated pendants and blown glass ornamental fixtures.


This is a true entertainer’s home, with an island bar

intricately clad with tiles creating movement and interest, so much so it’s more like a custom piece of furniture than a bar. And like all entertainer’s homes, the

kitchen and pantry were considered closely. They were designed to have generous light running throughout them (along with the laundry) as so they wouldn’t feel closed off, but filled with light and movement. The custom mesh doors framed with bronze tones and the custom handles (locally made by one of Melbourne’s finest artisans, Buildworx) adds to the privacy and concealing of unwanted mess.

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