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The Belford

 An Inspired Family Home


The Belford property is a home that marches to the beat of its own drum, a place that celebrates both refinement and luxury while never being overtly so. It offers glimpses into the true nature of the occupants, elevates materiality to gallery-worthy levels and most importantly celebrates the beauty which can be found in pure functionality. The Belford  has curated to reflect the owner’s unique family requirements. From the deliberate space given to the owner’s collection of antiquities, through to particular design elements included to encourage togetherness, collaboration and conversation.


To walk through the home is a feast for the senses. The eyes move from the floor to the ceiling, all of which are treated with consideration. Materials such as perforated metal applied to sliding screen doors draw you in and hint at what may be behind. The large herringbone floors are rich in colour and tastefully luxurious in their intricate pattern play. The beauty in this home surely lies in the details, where Joanne has given thought to every small element so that no stone if left unturned in the quest for a harmonious design.


Within each of our homes we design, a family can be found who are willing to let us weave our magic. It’s a collaboration of sorts to allow a designer to fully know the occupant’s dynamics, personality and habits so they can respond with a design best suited to their very unique needs and desires. The Belford residence is a wonderful example of this collaborative effort on both parts, with the owners baring all and the designer in turn creating a captivating home with the information gifted.

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